Answering Your Questions About a Whole Foods Lifestyle

In an effort to improve their health and prevent disease many people are interested in the whole foods lifestyle. Most people are aware that eating more natural foods is better for them than the foods that they are currently eating now. Many people would like to begin the process of living a whole food lifestyle, but they may be unsure as to what it will require and how they should begin. The following are some commonly asked questions concerning whole foods.

1. What exactly is the Whole Foods Lifestyle and how is it different from any other “diet” I’ve tried?

The Whole Foods Lifestyle is not a “diet”. The premise around the whole foods lifestyle is for people to change what they eat on a permanent basis. Diets are temporary; a whole foods lifestyle is not. People that are interested in eating healthier for the rest of their lives will find that there is much to be gained from a being committed to eating healthier foods. A whole food lifestyle requires that individuals commit to eating foods that are found in their natural state. This eliminates a lot of processed foods, and opens the door to eating a lot of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fresh lean meats. It is important for people to understand that this is not a diet. It is a new way of living that requires that people be more aware of the types of food that they are consuming each day.

2. What foods will I have to give up and what foods can I eat under a Whole Foods Lifestyle?

Individuals should be prepared to do a thorough sweep of their refrigerator, cabinets and pantry to remove all the processed foods from their homes. Processed foods should not be consumed when adopting a whole foods lifestyle. Also, fast food is no longer. Fast food is one of the worst forms of processed foods as it is high in fat and far from being natural. The foods that people should stick to a fruits and vegetables in their natural state, fresh lean sources of protein and whole grains. Individuals should avoid canned, dehydrated or frozen products.

3. How hard is this new “lifestyle”? I mean, I really want to try it, but it sounds like I won’t be able to stick with it.

This Lifestyle is as hard as a person makes it. To be honest, there are some people that will probably have a tougher time adjusting to these new ways of eating. This is particularly true for people that have spent their entire lives eating processed foods. Making the change from eating breakfast from a local fast food place to eating whole grain cereal and a piece of fruit can be hard for some people. However, this is what the whole foods lifestyle is about making better food choices. For those that are on the fence about the diet because of reservations about their tenacity it may be best to slowly adopt this healthy lifestyle in increments. For example, individuals can make a commitment to each replace a group of bad food each week. For week one the individual can commit to replacing all sweet foods with fruit. For each week thereafter the goal is to gradually incorporate healthy foods into one’s life until everything one eats is whole food.

These are just some of the few questions that people have about a whole foods lifestyle.

Keeping It Casual – Adding Style to Casual Home Furniture

Like a comfortable living space, but still want it to look stylish? There are many different ways to infuse interest into a casual home. First let’s look at what casual style elements are. Most casual rooms are comprised of clean simple lines and warm cozy textiles. Furniture colors tend to be warm and inviting, with fabrics in shades of chocolate browns, beiges, greens, and even reds covering pieces with large comfortable pillows that immediately make you feel at home.

Casual styles are great for families, easily creating that welcoming feeling that makes you want to sit and stay a while. With furniture that is designed to be used, casual looks are designed to be functional and long-lasting. Sofas, sectionals and oversized chairs with large comfortable cushions create a relaxing environment for everyone. Accent tables tend to also be oversized providing ample space for snacks or even dinner and a movie.

While casual furniture can sometimes be seen as simple, or one note, it is easy to incorporate other styles and pieces that create visual interest and style. Accessories can be creative and colorful, and include everything from artistically designed lamps, to furniture pieces that are bold and add a colorful contrast. While modern furniture is not always the best match in a casual room, other styles can easily be used to add a personal touch. Trendy options such as shelving and storage options now come cleverly disguised as tables or ottomans. Bookcase in interesting shapes and sizes also become discussion pieces, as well as places for family photos.

Another great way to update a casual room is by using slip covers to add an exciting pop of color to a chair or love seat. You can also work family heirlooms or antiques into a casual environment, the neutral furniture tones can create a backdrop that will really allow your treasured pieces to shine. You want to choose carefully to find pieces to enhance the space without adding too much color. One of the charms of a casual look is the simplicity of the furnishings and while adding small touches can enhance it, you still want your space to remain that warm, cozy place the family loves.

Casual furniture remains and will remain one of the most popular furniture styles, as everyone wants a nice comfortable place to come home to at the end of the day. But adding color, texture and some interesting pieces to your casual room, can enhance the style into one that is truly your own.

Reserve Your Travel Plans On A Private Jet While Commercial Airliners Are Cutting Flights

Select locations are experiencing less traffic at their airports as big commercial airliners are cutting back on their flight schedule and in some situations, taking a leave from some airports completely. The Mid-West specifically is feeling this currently as companies such as Delta Airlines have “adjusted” their routes to more than 24 locations already.

Airports are seeing drops in air traffic across the nation as a result of the economic hardships we are currently facing, but the decrease in flights is having an impact on passengers more than the airlines themselves. People are being forced to depart or arrive from their local airport with less convenience than ever before, or in a few instances, even be forced to travel a longer distance to a different airport, or take another connecting flight in order to reach their target location.

A few of the more rural airports may be forced to close their doors altogether, making it more difficult for the local community to travel and creating a plethora of other issues for individuals traveling in and out of these locations as a result of this increasingly difficult situation.

One method to regain control of your itinerary and steer clear from such problems, traveling to your destination without further hassle and unexpected detours is to charter a jet. When chartering an executive jet, you could make arrangements to leave out of smaller airports, or in some instances, even your local airport that you might initially use in any other event.

Small cities all over are in danger, and some individuals might not even be aware of the issue until it is too late, making travel plans a possible headache. Costing you a lot more money than you had initially planned to spend, this would mean traveling over a hundred miles to the closest alternative airport for people in locations that are somewhat removed.

Make the trip far more fun and transform a bad situation into a good one; if you are going to need to shell out more money for a much less fun trip, you might as well explore the alternatives offered by an executive jet charter. The perks of executive jet charter should make up for the disadvantages that the current commercial airliners are creating and are far reaching for those stuck with little other choices at their disposal for passengers everywhere.

When you are making your travel preparations, explore the alternative of chartering a jet and turn your trip into an adventure; don’t take what the commercial airlines are offering as your only choice, because nobody can foresee how long this situation will last, or what’s still yet to come.

Improve Your Small Business Marketing to Increase Your Profits

Marketing Tips to Help Drive Profits and Stay Competitive

Although we call them “small” businesses, running a small business is no small task. Compared to larger corporations, small business have a much smaller margin for error when it comes to marketing initiatives – when a marketing campaign fails, larger corporations shake their heads, make adjustments, and move on but for small businesses, a big failure could mean the end of the company. Here are some great marketing tips to help your marketing efforts stay effective and your business stay competitive.

Better Use of Data

Data about your target audience is invaluable to small businesses. This kind of information allows business owners and marketers to identify the types of people who are most likely to do business with them and purchase their products and/or services. Knowing your target audience can also help you to better tailor and focus your marketing messages to those types of consumers. If it is in the budget, hiring a professional data team can really help a small business make the most out of this information.

Use Email More Effectively

Email can be a powerful tool when it comes to communicating with your current customers. Emails are a great opportunity to connect with customers and provide them information on upgrades, cross-selling opportunities, and additional sales or deals your business may be offering. Using email is a great, non-evasive way to stay connected to those consumers who already know your business and your brand. You can even take email marketing a step further by breaking down your contact list into groups by segments such as purchase history, age group, geographical area, and other important data points.

Use Shareable Content to Expand Your Reach

Consumers love to share, and social media has made it easier than ever for consumers to share things they like or dislike online. Known as “content marketing,” creating online content that is informative and meaningful to your target audience is a great way to reach more consumers and raise more recognition around your business and your brand. This information is most effective when posted on your company’s website but can also be shared on sites like YouTube and Facebook for easier access.

Consider Paid Search to Increase Visibility

Driving traffic to your website is always an important part of marketing your business. One way to do this is to use a paid search to ensure your business’ website will appear when consumers search the types of products or services you offer. For example, should a consumer search “pet groomers in Harrisburg, PA” and you own a pet grooming business in or around that area, your business’s website will appear at the very top of the search results. The closer your businesses website link appears to the top of the search results, the more likely it is that consumers will follow that link to your site.

Use Your Resources

Aside from in-house marketing, there are a number of resources available to help small businesses. For example, the United States Small Business Administration can offer business owners loans, counseling sessions, contracts, and other forms of assistance to help cultivate and grow their business. Consider other resources as well including Google Tools for website assistance and online marketing, Kabbage for small business loans, and Free Stock Images for high quality images for your marketing materials.